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Big or small, man or woman, believing in yourself carries you far in martial arts.


The great chuck Norris and I were the first martial artists to teach & specialize in teaching martial arts to women and children, as we both believed they needed martial arts training more than men, especially way back in the mid 60's! Chuck and I both enjoyed teaching women and children, and as a result, we gained great insight and knowledge about technique timings, bridging the gap, using breathing, footwork, relaxation, and reality based training to become effective with mostly less power, size, and strength. First we believed that there should be fun in the hard training, so we devised a footsweep team competition. We would divide the teams evenly with a focus on the making the weakest ,least apparently talented, become the heroes (which the superior athletes were used to being). We believed confidence was a huge factor in a successful martial achievement. We would usually know who amongst the most skilled and talented would win, so when the match was tied, we would take on the weakest against us in a two out of three footsweeping match, with Chuck or I winning the first fall, then challenge the other team’s member who remained. We had the team of who we were fighting cheer for their member, aiming to inspire their "never win teammate", who would then beat us thus building the self esteem of that teammate. We wanted to teach the students that no matter what size you were, you could perform well if you put your mind to it and train hard, including the women and children.