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How do you stay motivated?


How do I stay motivated?

I concentrate on all the good/great things in my life, such as the best mother ever Reva Wall, worst father Ray wall God rest his soul (as bad things are GOOD things if you turn them around. i.e. my dad was an alcoholic, mean, beat me often, gave me no love, but the terrific beatings toughened me up, and I know that I definitely would not be me without his beatings; after all I lived through them), God blessed me with a GREAT wife Lillian, whom I love, adore, admire, and RESPECT after 48 years of wonderful marriage and our two FANTASTIC daughters Shana & Karra. I’ve met amazing people and celebrities, including three American Presidents Ford, Reagan( the greatest President EVER), and George W Bush. I taught Elvis, Priscilla, Steve McQueen, Freddie Prinze, Larry Hagman, Brian Keith, Jack Palance and his son Cody, Terry Leonard (great stuntman), Johnny Desmond (amazing singer) ,Bobby Burbidge (International karate Champion), Dennis Alexio (greatest heavy-weight Kickboxer of all time, 60-1), singer Hoyt Axton, and many many others!! So I’ve been blessed, and that’s what keeps me motivated, plus I’m lucky enough to be an American Citizen, the GREATEST country on earth. Essentially, it’s a combination of all of the simple and great positive occurrences and influences in my life that I focus on to keep me motivated!!!!!

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