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The benefits that serving in the military can bring to your martial arts life


The benefits that serving in the military can bring to your martial arts life

I believe that three important things to do as an American are to vote, serve in the military, and study some form of the martial arts. I served in the Army and really learned a lot, and of course enjoyed serving my country.

From my time in the military, I learned that anyone in America who isn’t in college or working by 18 should take the opportunity to serve our country. You have a job, receive assistance with education, gain great experiences, and can even serve in the various non-combat sections if that’s what suits you. You earn a paycheck, have food and shelter, plus the opportunity to learn respect, discipline, and a variety of new skills. These skills are extremely strong for building yourself to become a martial artist, as many of the concepts are similar, both mental and physical. I know this personally, because the military prepared me for my career in martial arts, which led me to a vast amount of opportunities to train with and meet some of the greatest friends and martial artists in my life. I even got to meet presidents Ford, Reagan, and George W Bush, plus countless celebrities such as Steve McQueen and Freddie Prinze.

Everyone, both in and out of the military, can learn and owes much to our armed servicemen and servicewomen. I give my personal thanks to each of those who are or have served our country, and wish the best to you all. God bless everyone!

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