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The power of heroes


I’ve always believed we need heroes in our lives to study and emulate. My fantastic mother Reva W. Wall was my first hero, Abraham Lincoln was my second, Teddy Roosevelt second, then Harry Truman, then Ronald Reagan, my amazing wife of 48 years Lillian Wall, the brilliant Muhammad Ali who said “Impossible is nothing, it’s not a fact, it’s an opinion.”, the wonderful Chuck Norris, and of course the late great Bruce Lee. All of these people overcame huge obstacles in their lives and yet achieved gigantic success, happiness, and brought joy to the world they inhabited.

Terrific humans like my heroes are benchmarks of what we can all strive for in our lives. Honorable, hardworking, overachieving humans, who set standards of excellence for all of us to aspire to be. These heroes all gave me light on where I wanted to go with my life, what I wanted to achieve, and helped me understand that the difficult is attainable so long as I set my goals high enough to match my dreams.

Achieving great success, while being a good, kind, respectful, honorable person and keeping from the criminal and evil paths, that’s true success. Heroes are the people who inspire us to attain this, and they are some of the most important people in our lives.

Bruce Lee was and is one of my heroes, and is to many. This movie helped put him in the limelight, and spurred America into the new age of martial arts.